Monday, August 12, 2013

Water Update

It ain't pretty, but it IS life sustaining water.
I mentioned our water issues and thought I should show you what has happened since.
Our neighbor told us whatever we needed, he would give. 
This meant either access to the canal water that runs along his orchard or his well water. 
I mean that is HIS life source and he did not hesitate. 
I tell., you, farmers are truly the best.
 (I must tell you also, that our other neighbor saw what we were doing and came to tell us that HIS well was available to us, too if necessary...farmer, I tell ya'!)
Anyway, several unknowns came into play...was there enough gravity for the water to flow from the canal...through his orchard,
...over our driveway...
...through the arena, to our trees?
The short answer is yes.
Another farmer friend sent trailer loads of pipe and three young, strong men to lay it for us.
 Hubby finished laying the pipe from the long run you see here, to the rest of the orchard.
The Irrigation District people came out and water was "delivered" last week. 
 This order will flow until today, I believe. 
For now, we are  relieved and very,  very grateful.
The white standing pipes are where water usually flows from our well.

OH, and on the other well note, the domestic pump people finally made it out and were able to lower THAT pump so we again can water our grass and is the little things. 

This saga is far from over and in a few months, I will be able to show to what drilling a new well entails...that is if I haven't had to sell off the computer and camera....
For now, life is good...except for the fact that the girls start school in exactly 3 hours. 


Michelle said...

What a wonderful blessing and what wonderful, giving neighbors.

Michelle said...

Great to hear that you have such good neighbors.