Monday, August 12, 2013

Snippets from Summer's End

When the tie dye fabric kit not only says to wear gloves but includes a complimentary pair....wear them.
 When melting  butter in the microwave for 30 seconds, it is critical that you do NOT enter 2 additional zeros and then get side tracked. 
 The house does go quickly from a lovely scent of brown butter to nastiness somewhere around the 10 minute mark. 
 Just so you know.
Last weekend, Hubby and I along with three other couples, arranged for a special birthday dinner with dear friends.
The limo company is based in our town so we were picked up first and dropped off last. 
 The girls hitched a ride and spent the evening with the other kids...

The dinner service was lousy, but the food made up for it as did the company.

 At 3:00am Sunday morning had Sugar Plum Fairy and I bundled up on the trampoline watching the Perseid Meteor Shower
We then watched the sun come up.
The perfect way to spend our last "non school night"

This morning, I took Lollipop Pop to begin her Junior year.
  She is an Upper Classman.
How did that happen?
I do wonder who in our city thought that painting the crosswalks in front of the high school THIS morning was a brilliant idea.
Stop lights turned into a four way 
I then took Sugar Plum Fairy to her class. 
 She, and we, are thrilled with her teacher. 
 No tears this morning when we left. 
First time.
I am just amazed that this summer has flown by at such warp speed.
It is going to be a great school year, though...I feel it.
How about you?


Anonymous said...

We start school next week over here. My youngest begins his junior year also.
I'm with you, where did the summer go???

Country Gal said...

We just drug out the books today - but may wait a day or two to get started. Wouldn't want to rush things!