Friday, August 23, 2013

Pizza Night

A couple weeks ago, I asked Shaggy what his 3 favorite dinners that we make are.
  He chose Pork Ribs, Pizzas on the Grill and Hamburgers. 
The ribs did not surprise me, but the other two did. 
I knew he liked both of them, but I did not know they ranked at the top.
 Last week we BBQ'd ribs and they were devoured. 
 I also made Spinach Corn Spoon Bread. 
He loves that.
On Sunday, we made pizzas.
I made the dough earlier in the day and then just set out toppings.
( I made my crust from a surprise ingredient...gluten and dairy free...I will share the recipe soon.)
We had pineapple, Canadian Bacon, Mozzarella cheese, olives, mushrooms, basil, chicken and marinara & BBQ sauces.
 Each of us makes our own creation.

My hubby discovered as we were heating the grill that we were out of propane. 
 Poor guy raced to fill a tank, raced home to discover that the BBQ has come to the end of its life. 
Not to worry. 
I cranked the oven and we made do. 
We even finished in time to go to Mass together for the last time before college.
 (I cried when Shaggy took the gifts to Father...yes, I am a sap)

Blueberry cobbler was waiting for our return. 
Shaggy's favorite dessert...or breakfast...or snack.
It was a nice evening together as a family. 
 I will miss that most.

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barb said...

Friday night "Make Your Own Pizza" has been a long standing tradition in our family. We don't cook them on the grill except when the power is out due to an ice storm (when we lived in IN not FL).For me the crust has evolved such that I now use cauliflower crust. Might that be your surprise ingredient?