Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fantasy Day 2

Our first full day at sea was fun and relaxing.  
It was also Father's Day.
The kids and I have prepared a book filled with photos of them throughout their lives. 
I also took the Father's Day Tie Garland we made several years ago and hung it from the mirror.  I think Hubby was surprised and pleased.
We also discovered our door had been added to. 
The décor had not been discussed by my sister or myself.
Several rounds of golf were played.
And then the water fun began.

There are lots of places for kids of different ages to stay busy and cool. 
There is an adult only pool as well

The water slide for the little kidnicks was something that Sugar Plum Fair did over and over again.

The big screen next to the pools showed old classic Disney movies as well and more recent ones. There were trivia games and all sorts of fun here
After lunch, we got into a routine of sorts. 
We had late dining which did not start until 8:15pm.
  In the beginning I was concerned with our youngest being able to stay awake. 
 We discovered that a short afternoon nap did the trick and took the edge of sleepiness off. 
This also allowed us to watch the live show in the theater. 
 Today's was Aladdin. 
 The Genie was hilarious!   
Tonight's dinner was the formal night. 
We took a family photo and one with just the kidnicks.

Then there were the fun window pics while we were waiting for dinner in the Animator's Palate Dining Room.

Animator's Palate Dining room is decorated with character sketches, light boxes, paint brushes and colored pencils.
Everything an animator would use. 

 As we ate, characters from "Finding Nemo" swam though the windows. 

 Crush the turtle even stopped by. 
He spoke to someone at each table in the room by name. 
My nephew Alic was asked what he like to do.
When Alic responded that he likes to watch basketball, Crush asked if one could play basketball with a mango. 
Seriously fun.

The food on this cruise is exceptional.
So many choices and I must say that our Waiter and Head Waiter, Aswald and Edith were beyond fantastic. 
They were both very attentive and offered suggestions. 
They took care of every need we had.

 The desserts were delicious and on more than one occasion more than one was  chosen because the decision was just too difficult.

After a wonderful evening, we were greeted with this new towel and chocolate creation.
What a great day!

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