Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Win?

 Shaggy has always like race cars. 
 I talked about it here and continued the next race. 
Garrick is Shaggy's Confirmation Godfather and is an amazing young man. 
 This race team is truly a family operation with Garrick's dad Danny being a partner and his biggest supporter...and Hubby's cousin.

When this endeavor began, I am not certain that anyone knew what it would grow into. 
.  Check out this tour of the race shop...seriously impressive and Shaggy loves to spend time helping here.
The team's largest sponsor is General Tire. 
 Pretty big time stuff. 
They featured Garrick recently...check out 11 Questions with Garrick and see what his pre-race ritual is and if he has and superstitions.
Last year Freitas Motorsports won back to back Vegas to Reno Races. 
It was very exciting for everyone involved.
Freitas Motorsports will be racing for the third title today.
So to the team that has turned me into a fan..
I wish you good luck...
...stay safe and win this race!

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Country Gal said...

My son would love this! What a sweet opportunity!