Monday, August 19, 2013

90 Years Young

We celebrated my mother in law's 90th birthday last weekend. (Her 88th and 89th are here)
 She is an amazing woman who has never met a stranger.
  She is affectionately referred to as Baba.
 I believe that stemmed from my oldest nephew, now in his 30's who could not pronounce the Portuguese word for Grandma...Ava. 
 Baba's party was a surprise for her and began with Mass in her small hometown parish. 
 The priest looked at his full church and wondered aloud if this was indeed his church.
Loved the priest. 
After Mass, we walked to the Veteran's hall a block away where more than 200 people were waiting.
 Friends and family visited with her and showered her with love.
 It mattered not that some she couldn't place. 
 Everyone loves Baba.

Without a doubt, the highlight of this entire evening was the Portuguese band that surprised her.  Baba loves music. 
She always has.

As I mentioned...everyone loves Baba.
    When John gave her the drum, she was in her element. 
 My brother in law was trying to help her keep the beat...she got it.

Take a listen...

There were friends and family who travelled from all over the state to be here.
This man and his family are some of my favorite people on the planet.
Frank  holds a special place in my Hubby's heart.
Now, Frank has a son...Frankie
Frankie played "think fast' with all the younger kidnicks. 
 They adored him. 
This was the first opportunity I have had to really watch him as a father...he is amazing. 
What a gift.

Frankie gave the boys a lesson on how to act when the girls wanted to play. Respectfully, carefully and with kindness.
This is how the future generations will keep this family close.
They have a big and very important job. 
We will help that happen.

Baba, her three children, their spouses and every grandchild.... My niece is standing next to me and is carrying the first two great grandsons.

 What a blessing to be part of this family.

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