Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What a Difference!

Three years ago, we cruised...this was our family photo on the formal night.  
Shaggy had just finished his freshman year in high school.  
Lollipop Pop was a new teenager and Sugar Plum Fairy was not even in kindergarten.

Fast forward to last month...Shaggy has completed his high school career and is a man. 
Lollipop Pop is a beautiful young lady who IS NOT taller than her mother and Sugar Plum Fairy is tall enough to make my hand look disjointed...not sure what that is all about.

Boy, do I love these people!


Sarah Schwall said...

YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! Seriously - you look amazing and I'm so proud of you! I've enjoyed watching your weight loss journey.

WMC said...

I'm with Sarah! Wow! Look at the difference. Your kids grew, and you did just the opposite. :-)

So fun to see your family then and now.

Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

AND you forgot to add....YOU look thin and fabulous!

Cheltz said...

How fun! You look great (and everyone else does too)!

Country Gal said...

Wow! What a difference 3 years make! You guys look great!