Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Adjustment Ramblings

It seems as though it were just yesterday that school ended and we were crazy busy with parties and graduations and awards assemblies and practices.
 In reality, we have had a jammed packed and awesome summer, but this week marks the beginning of school activities again. 
 Lollipop Pop started night band rehearsals last night. 
 These end at bedtime is 8:00pm. 
This takes some getting used to as I enjoy rising early. 
 I will adjust. 
I have rediscovered that one must push the start button on the washing machine after adding the clothes and washer is not a mind reader.
I have a new computer courtesy my wonderful husband. 
 It is going to take getting used to...things aren't where they were with the old one. 
 I still have to figure out how to get the photos off my card reader...I thought it would be easy...
Hopefully, pics will return here soon. 
 I must say that having a mouse again is wonderful. 
 I never got used to Lollipop Pop's laptop mouse thingy being on the keypad.
  When I first borrowed it, I sat at the desk, moving my mouse all over the place trying to find the cursor on the screen. 
I finally had to move the mouse to another location so that insanity wouldn't continue.
 Shaggy got a job. 
 Until he goes to college in a few weeks. 
 He is more than ready to head off into the next chapter of his life. 
He and I are navigating our new roles with each other gradually. 
 It is a hard one for me...him too.
It is hot.
 So far in July, we have had 19 days more than 100*'s...
5 more are forecasted before the end of the month. 
You can do the math. 
The overhead fan in out bedroom died awhile ago. 
I bought a small oscillating fan to blow on me at night. 
 Hubby has a large one on his side.
It sounds like an airport at night. 
My hubby and I are heading out one evening this week...
I think it qualifies as a date. 
Another one is planned for next week.
Happy Wednesday!

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Country Gal said...

2 dates? Wow! You go girl! I totally understand about the mouse thingee - drives me nuts - and the washing machine. Funny thing - mine is the same way. Dryer too! :) Yeah for Shaggy's job. Boo for kids growing up way too fast!