Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Friend, Wanda

This time last year, I was at the end of LLU's BootCamp 15 (now called LL180). 
On July 4th I received a call from Coach Dave telling me that I was the Co-Grand Champion! 
 I was thrilled when I learned that I would share the title with Miss Wanda Cox. 
 Over the past year, I have gotten to know Wanda a lot better and truly call her friend. 
 She is an amazing lady with an amazing story.  
She adores her Mama and calls her Mommy...THAT alone makes me smile.
Wanda's weight loss story is one that touched me to the core.
 She has been a participant in two BootCamps and lost more than 100 pounds.
She had struggled with her weight most of her life and like me, feels that LLU gave her the tools and support system to be successful.
Wanda is a world traveler and that speaks to me as well.
She is one of the two people I texted a couple weeks ago from an airplane.
I had not been on an airplane for 3 years.
The last time, I literally had to force myself into the seat and prayed that I would not need belt extenders.
 I was wedged in so tightly that I exited the plane with bruises on my hips.
This trip, as I sat in the seat, I looked down and discovered that no part of my body was touching either arm rest.
 I did not have to touch the stranger in the next seat.
I knew Wanda would understand and know what I was feeling.
She did.
Wanda's word are eloquent, wise and ALWAYS kind.

Wanda has spent that last 20 weeks being a "Coach in Training" as I did with LL180.  
I am going to share a bit more of my experience with that soon, but today I just want you to know this amazing woman.
Coach Dave interviewed Wanda and if you have some time, give it a listen...it really is worth it.
As our reign as Co-Champions comes to an end this week and new, very deserving LL180 Champions are announced, I will always hold the honor of being associated with Miss Wanda.
It has truly been my pleasure.

 I have learned so much from this lady and I look forward to the day that I get to hug her in person.
She has a standing invitation to California...I am hoping one of our 5 Major League Baseball Parks will bring her out here soon.

Now, I mentioned that the new LL180 winners will be announced on Thursday.
You can take a look at the finalists now and cast your vote. 

LL180 Male Finalists

LL180 Female Finalists

There are so many success stories and I am thrilled for not just the finalists, but ALL of the members who successfully finished.  


Liz N said...

Wanda is a bit of a star, isn't she? And so are you!

Cheltz said...

Wanda sounds like a great person. I'm also glad that your flight was so much more comfortable :).