Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Met Melody!

When I joined LLU last year, I truly felt a personal connection to several ladies. 
Janie and Jayme were two of them.  
Miss Melody was another. 
I got to know Melody better this year in LS180 as well as Wanda
It still boggles my mind that I feel like these people are friends...I have never met them in person.  
We connect through E-Mails and cards. 
Texts and phone calls.  
When we were in Florida last month, I was able to meet Melody in person and give her a hug.  
Melody travels to Disneyworld from time to time, and I asked her if per chance she would be there at the same time I was.  
 Holy Moly! 
 I was going to get to meet this special lady in person. 
 Hmmm....would she like me?  
Would I meet her expectations?  
Funny how it never crossed my mind whether I would like her or not...I know I would.
Fast forward to our day in Epcot...a few texts to each other narrowed down our vicinities....then a phone call asking for my precise location..."in front of a totem pole in Canada, I think", I responded. 
 "I am coming to you and I am looking for the totem pole" was her reply.  
I waited out in the open... looking around for a woman I had never met before.  
Then she appeared!  
We hugged and I must tell you that she is just as special in person as in cypherspace.  
We only visited for a few minutes before she had to get back to her Mom and sisters, but she got to meet my husband, Lollipop Pop and Sugar Plum Fairy.
I walked away feeling almost giddy!  
The rest of my day could have been a disaster (it wasn't...details and pics are coming soon) and meeting Melody would have made up for it.  
Simply wonderful!

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Country Gal said...

What an amazing opportunity! So glad you could meet! SO ...next time you vacation in Iowa - give me a call! :)