Thursday, July 18, 2013

He Got It Right

A week and a half ago, we received word that our dear friend Bruce has passed away suddenly.  
Bruce was a man like no other and my little words can never express the magnitude of that.  
He and my hubby had been friends since high school.
My Hubby was the Best Man in Bruce's wedding. 
 I really got to know Bruce and Diane well, when I was pregnant with Shaggy and we had dinner in their restaurant every Friday night. 
Yummy food and even better company.

The Memorial was yesterday and was attended by more than 400 people.  
THAT alone shows the impact that his man had on others. 
As I listened to stories from a few of Bruce's lifelong friends, I laughed and cried and laughed some more. 

Bruce and Diane have been married nearly 36 years (they were married at the age of 10) and shared a relationship that I felt privileged to have witnessed.  
They were a team.  
They cherished each other and that was blatantly obvious to anyone nearby.

He and Diane raised two tremendous children who are carrying on their dad's legacy of love and friendship and raising their own of who was born after Bruce's death.
When his daughter sang "Daddy's Hands" there was not a single dry eye in the place. 
 I don't know how she did it...I am getting choked up again as I type this

Two years ago, I posted (here, here, here and here) about a camping trip we took...the friends we visited were Bruce and Diane. 
We had set up camp while they were returning from a trip and didn't get to see them before we went to bed.  
I will never forget the next morning though...watching Bruce walk across the meadow to our camp to greet us as the sun came up...cup of coffee and a cigar in his hands.
That camping trip will always be the best.

Diane shared something several days after his death that gave me chills. 
Diane has always been afraid of they were taking Bruce's body away, she and her daughter watched a bald eagle fly right toward them and tip its wings before landing in a tree.  
It then moved its wings up and down three times.  
The wind blew and the eagle moved on.  
She says she will never be afraid of another eagle in her life.
I, along with everyone who knew Bruce, will never look at an eagle again without thinking of and remembering our friend.

He was so many things to so many people....a mentor, a businessman, a horseman, a hard worker...but when it comes down to the bare bones of what Bruce was, he was a friend, a loving husband and a magnificent father...the most important things in life.
 He got it right.


Michelle said...

He sounds like a truly wonderful person.

Cheltz said...

If you've gotten the most important things, you're a success. Congrats and God Speed, Bruce!