Thursday, July 25, 2013

Geneology+Family+History=Love (Take 2)

Updated...can you let me know if the photos are visible now, please?

When my sister and I started planning the birthday book for our parents, I mentioned that we hadn't realized just what it would ultimately be. 
We  received stories and photos that are true treasure. 
 My Dad's first cousin Marilyn is the resident historian...that started with her mother, my great Aunt Lois.
Dad and Marilyn are exactly 24 hours apart in age...Marilyn is a day younger....she has never let Dad forget that! 
See the "X" in the center of the photo? 
That is where my Dad,as well as Marilyn, were born.
My Grandma and her sister had babies in the same room a day apart,

My Dad and his family ultimately moved to California, but prior to that there was lots of fun with cousins.
My Dad is in the back of the wagon and his brother in the front. 
Sandwiched between are Marilyn and Cousin Jerry.

And apparently, back in the day, my Dad was quite the kisser...

This is one of my favorites.
  The kids aren't looking at the same camera, but it captures the essence of my Great, love and humor.
I think her eyes must have sparkled.
I never knew her, but her name is carried on in Shaggy.


Cheltz said...

I can't see the pictures :(. Don't know if that's a problem on your end or mine, but how awesome is it that your grandma and her sister had babies in the same room, one day apart?! Fun family story!

Anonymous said...

Neat info on your family!
Great Grandma looks very happy in that picture.

Country Gal said...

LOVE those pictures! What sweet memories!