Monday, July 15, 2013

Epcot in a day

We had planned this Caribbean Cruise for several years.  
My sister and her family were going as well.  
Shaggy and my nephew both were graduating from high school and my niece was graduating from 8th grade.  
While it wasn't a graduation gift, it WAS the last hurrah both families would be making before sending younguns off to college.
As the time for flights to be booked,  details had to fall into place.  
For our family, it was perfect.
  We live several hours north of LAX and would be attending college orientation (in the Los Angeleles area) three days prior to the cruise departure.  
We did not want to drive home after orientation and them back down to LAX to fly out 2 days later.  
We decided that a day at EPCOT would be fun. 
 I then went to work in convincing my sister to do the same thing.  
It took a bit of convincing (I do admit that she was scheduled for back surgery 3 days after the cruise and had not only pain, but other concerns and I would have understood if she declined). 
Orientation was a day that was long and emotional...for me, at least.
Shaggy was able to register for his classes and after dinner, we made the trek to our hotel at the airport.  
We met my sister and her family at the airport and thus began our vacation.  
Having been to Disneyland and California Adventure numerous times, I was struck with the distances between Disneyworld and EPCOT.  

The concierge at our hotel told us how to take shuttle between the parks to meet our schedules and it was fast and efficient, albeit crowded.

  I had forgotten that when one wants to travel through crowds, one stays close to my sister...She was off!

My niece Emily, had done her research and planned which route we would go.
We got Fast Passes for one ride and then headed straight over to another.
Again, very efficient.

So many things to look at...

The area at the entrance of Soarin' was so pretty. I adore the balloons and lighting.
Very Pretty.

As we waited in line, I was so happy to see Alic paying attention to and relating so well to his youngest cousin.  
While we only live an hour away from each other, as the kids have gotten older and more active in things, our visits seem to be mostly
at holidays and birthdays. 
 They just don't know each other as well as if they lived closer...this trip changed all of that.
During the wait in line, there were interactive screens to help pass the time...
Once we got off the ride, we were ready to see  more.  
At this time, we split up for awhile.  
Some wanted to go on more rides, while others wanted to see the World Showcase.  
It was here that I met Melody.

As always, I was impressed with all things green.  
The plants, flowers and water are gorgeous.

Mary and Alice had a quick chat before  going their separate ways.

Jolly Old England...
Be still my heart!  
I am not a city girl, but London might just be the exception to that.  
I adore England.
Did you know that my mom lived in London for a year after high school?  
She studied ballet.
I always though that was so romantic! 

The architecture...
The gardens...


As we entered France, I noticed all the details.  
Disney does pay attention to those things.

Italy was another of my and in real life, actually.

Seeing the miniature train traveling through Bavarian Villages brought back lovely memories....

Sugar Plum Fairy loved watching the gentleman carving wood pieces in Africa...

Norway offered one of the two rides in the area.  
It was on board a viking ship and a nice and cool respite from the walking.

At some point, we had met up again with everyone.
It was a good time to have a Norwegian confection and sit a spell.

These drummers were fun to watch and listen to. 
(They were in the Future World Area, but it is taking me FOREVER to move these pics into the proper order...please understand)

Coca Cola (again, in the Future World area) has a tasting center with traditional sodas from around the world.  
Sadly, the soda from Italy was not is said to be the one few people enjoy...
Trying new things and predicting from the description if we would enjoy it was fun.

Mexico had the other ride in the World Showcase...again, another cool rest was welcome...even got
 to see Shaggy's muscles!
The kids were all taken with the glass maker...very pretty things and sombreros topped this area.

China was lovely as well.  
They also offered the best free cups of cold water....

Handmade paper beads made in Africa utilizes the recycled paper from Disney...old brochures and maps. 
They really were lovely and colorful.

A frozen lemonade treat was a nice and refreshing way to spend some Father/Daughter time.

Japan and Morocco were vibrant with color.

There were moments that a rest in the shade was welcome, although the photographer that appeared at every turn was not...apparently

It has already been established that Lollipop Pop inherited her great grandma' trait of closing her eyes in photos....I am learning that Sugar Plum Fairy might have as well....would be okay if the eye closures were in the SAME picture, however.
My handsome and beautiful nephew and niece...
This photo will always make me smile...because I know what happened a split second before it was taken.
I adored World Showcase at Epcot.  
It fed my yearning for travel.   
Back to the hotel before we board the ship!  
Yee Haw!


Chris Camarena said...

A great day it was. You did a great job capturing it all. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Looks like a fantastic time!

Cheltz said...

Ah, efficient -- my kind of ladies! I have a soft spot for England and Italy, as well :).