Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Tradition Begun Again

Cooking for me is fun and I think most of my kidnicks enjoy it as well. 
 When Shaggy and Lollipop Pop were younger, we had International Themed Dinner Nights
 They would each choose a country and make a meal geared around that country. 
 It was a lot of fun. 
Sugar Plum Fairy and I decided it was high time to reinstate themed dinners. 
She chose Norway for her first country 
We researched online for some ideas. 
She then wrote an E-Mail to her Aunt Molly, shared her ideas and ask for her suggestions. 
Aunt Molly sent great information and a recipe as well.
The menu was set and the grocery list made. 
 While we were shopping for Panko Breadcrumbs, Sugar Plum Fairy could not understand why a Norwegian recipe would use Japanese breadcrumbs. 
We doubled the meatball recipe (great for the freezer) so a lot of math using fractions was used. 
Tricky stuff to learn, but she did great!
The meatballs had fantastic spices...ginger, allspice, nutmeg and pepper.
Sugar Plum Fairy learned how to get the yumminess out of a vanilla bean and make a silky cream for fresh berries.

Aunt Molly told of some Norwegian words that are traditional greetings of welcome as well as words of thanks after the meal. 
 I added these to the chalkboard...
Sugar Plum Fairy welcomed us to the table and we thanked her properly in Norwegian.
Sugar Plum Fairy learned that the Norwegian flag is red, white and blue. 
She chose red chargers on top of mirrors as the place mats and used our blue plates. 
We added the salt and pepper shakers that my folks have from Molly and her family. 
Name cards with our names along with Mother, Father, Brother or Sister made the place cards fun.

A menu was printed and place in a frame. 
Miss Sugar Plum Fairy even drew a diagram of how she wanted the counter set.
She really was a hands on chef. 
She measured and mixed, formed meatballs and the lefses. 
She learned how to make gravy and a dressing for the cucumbers. 
She decided if and how much parsley she would add to the salad and as garnish on the meatballs.  She flipped the lefses like a pro.
She also asked us to dress up for dinner.
Dinner was gorgeous and delicious!

This was a great success and I can hardly wait to see here she will take us next.
Here are the links to the recipes we used.
The Food52 site is new to me and a stunning site.  I will have to explore.
Meatballs and Brown Gravy (we par-baked instead of frying...350* for 10 minutes)
Potato Lefse (A ricer really would have made this easier.  ANY tiny lumps of potato sticks to the rolling pin and skillet. I think these take practice, but everyone loved them. I also cut the servings down  in the recipe)
Vanilla Cream (We only made the cream portion of this recipe)


WMC said...

This looks like so much fun! Looks like your daughter has inherited your creative ways.

Country Gal said...

What a fun idea! Norway was a good place to start - we love lefse! I make it once a year at Christmas.