Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Nephew

The final graduation of our year was on Thursday evening.  
My sister's son, Alic graduated 2nd in his class and gave a speech that had his poor, old,  emotional aunt in tears.  
This young man is brilliant, quiet and has a fantastic sense of humor.  

He is also an awesome musician and my fingers are crossed that he will decide to play with the USC Trojans in the fall.  

The town in which his high school is located is home to a US Naval Base and that presence is evident...the graduating class entered the stadium under an arch of swords...I am sure there is a proper name for this, but I don't know it.

Alic has given permission for me to post his speech for your enjoyment.

High School is a Giant Box of Crayons

            High school is like a giant box of crayons and each one of us represents a different color. 
As I say this I know my English teachers are groaning and thinking, "here we go again, Alic and his odd analogies." 
But bear with me as I explain how I have interpreted high school to be a box of coloring utensils. 
None of us really knew what to expect as we started this four year chapter of our lives. Some envisioned that they would take residency in trash cans while others just thought it would be a smooth transition from middle school.
 Personally high school was a great experience that provided endless opportunities and truly opened me up as a person. The best thing I learned however is that there are no boundaries to friendship. This is where the crayon box comes into play. 
Going through high school is the equivalent to coloring a picture. 
When we start we are given a blank sheet of paper and we only have a few "crayons" to use. 
However as the years go on, we make new friends and our drawing becomes more vibrant and colorful.
 Our best friends represent the colors that take up the majority of the picture because they made the biggest impact. 
The friends that we lost contact with represent the faded colors that are in the background but they create a sense of fulfillment in the picture. Finally we cannot forget about those casual friends that make the picture special. 
They are the friends that we don't hang out with but we always say hi to in the hallway; the ones that don't know us perfectly but can always bring a smile to our face; the friends that make high school what it is.  
I was blessed enough to make great friends with so many different people so I feel that if I were to illustrate high school, I would have such a wide variety of colors on my page.
 Some would be used more than others and will continue to be used for the rest of our lives but high school would not be complete without those colors that just enhanced our four years and will never be forgotten.
 As we graduate, I encourage you to think of what your picture looks like now and to never lose sight of the friends you made but to never stop adding on to your illustration as we go our separate ways and start the adventure we call life. 
I love all of you, thank you for helping me make such a unique piece of art.

The proud parents.
(My sister and I certainly have tall sons!)

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful speech! You have some wonderful young men in your family.