Friday, June 21, 2013

Memories Remembered

Three years ago, we took an amazing trip to the Mediterranean on a Disney Cruise.  The trip was beyond wonderful.  As I recently mentioned, the camera card I misplaced upon our return recently turned up.  I distinctly remember when I was unpacking at the time placing the card on my nightstand.  I also remember picking it up, along with mailing labels and heading to the computer.  
The labels made it to their drawer, but the card was diverted along the way.  
I immediately knew I had set it somewhere or dropped it. 
 I went through every wastebasket multiple times.
  I crawled along every floor looking and feeling for it.  
Over the next weeks, I cleaned the vacuum bag by hand...went through the big trashcan outside...searched every pocket before I did laundry. 
 I was nearly sick overtime I time I thought about it.
 Certain shots I had taken would pop into my head...the kids standing on the stones in Pompeii that were used as pedestrian crossing when mud and muck used to flow through the streets.  
Fast forward to me looking for something else in a bag two weeks ago.
It was a Disney bag that had all of our brochures, postcards and various other items from that trip.  
It is a bag I had gone through several times. 
 As I dumped it out on my bed, THE camera card fell out...away from the rest of the stuff.  
I cried.
This shot was supposed to be our Christmas Card picture.

I also mourned the loss of the spiral staircase in the Vatican...

There are countless other pictures that I had forgotten. 
 The cool wall in our Barcelona Hotel

 ...and my 44th birthday....Paella and Sangria.  
The waiter was fantastic and thoughtful.  

It also reminded me just how heavy I was!  

The girls riding the camel in Tunisia just before it kicked my husband in the ankle.

We always will have the memories of that trip, but seeing them in photos is spectacular!


Cheltz said...

Wow! You really worked to find that card! I'm glad it showed up, the pictures are priceless!

Michelle said...

Great photos and great memories for you.