Friday, June 28, 2013

Beginning at the End

We returned home on Tuesday night after a long two weeks traveling.  
The time away began with a day at Shaggy's University at Freshman am Parent Orientation and class registration and ended with a baseball game in St. Petersburg with the Rays and Blue Jays. 
 In between, I met a friend from LLU, a day at EPCOT, a Caribbean cruise with my sister at her family and a visit with Winter the Dolphin.  
The laundry has been conquered and food has been restocked, so I thought I'd check in and catch up a bit here.  
I am beginning at the end.  
I have no idea.

None of my family had ever been to Florida before and I was struck immediately but two things...
First, it was humid. 
 I know...I am a baby, but sure am not used to that.  
Secondly, the highways are gorgeous. 
 I know the toll roads must play  a part, but boy are they better than California's.  
Seriously nice.
Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg is a domed stadium and what a relief from the humidity...yep... a baby, I tell you!

We arrived as soon as the stadium opened which was during the visiting Blue Jay's batting practice. As we wandered around taking it all in, an elderly gentleman usher approached Sugar Plum Fairy and I. 
Never making eye contact and talking under his breathe told me that if my little girl wanted a ball, she just might discover on in row "W" behind the dugout in a cup holder. 
 Sure enough, as we meandered through row "W", she discovered a ball under a napkin that had been fouled off during the Ray's batting practice.  
Very cool.

Even more cool is having her big brother take her down to the fence to have it signed.
Notice Shaggy is in his Cardinal shirt and Sugar Plum Fairy is in her Giants regalia while Mickey is in his TB uniform.

 We watched Edwin Encarnacion lose not one, but two bats into the crowd...

 We also  got to witness back... back... back home runs hit by the Rays. (James Lony, Wil Myers and Sam Fuld)  
Fun and exciting!

 The Pepsi Bottles had a foot race...
 And we got to watch Fernando Rodney and his winning show of gratitude.

After the game, we exited the stadium to a glorious lightning storm....took the free shuttle downtown and walked a couple blocks to our hotel.
 It was a terrific evening.

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WMC said...

OK, you know I am so jealous of your baseball game experience. How cool is that?!