Monday, June 10, 2013

A Special Birthday Celebration

Growing up, June was our family's birthday month.
My  dad and my maternal grandfather's birthdays were the same mom's was 3 days later and her mom's  was the following day. 
 My sister's birthday was the following week. 
 Throw in Father's Day and we were set for a celebration.  
 My grandparents would drive over from the coast and we would have one party.   
Although my grandparents' are no longer alive, June still feels like a birthday month.  
We celebrated our parents' birthday last night with dinner at our home.

This year, our Dad will turn 80 and Mom is a few years his junior.  
A year ago, my sister and I started planning what we wanted to do to celebrate such wonderful birthdays.  
A party was quickly nixed as many of their friends and family are scattered hither and yon.  
Just wasn't going to work well.  
I then wondered how we could included their friends and not ask them to travel.  
We decided to ask for letters or stories or a favorite memory.
We would then prepare a book to present Mom and Dad.  
Well, I started sneaking into their  home searching for addresses and names.  
The response was overwhelming.   
Word spread and people we had forgotten and were now included.  
The responses began to pour in.

 There are two or three letters that I could not read in one sitting.  
To hear how special your parents are from a third party is very powerful.  
The letters are from a cousins who grew up with my Dad as well as his sister and brother. 
 Mom's letters begin with childhood friends.
 There are letters from college friends, co-workers, and friends they made as my sister and I grew up.  There are letters from Scotland, Colorado, Iowa and California.
While we feasted on Beef Tenderloin, Roasted Veggies and my sister's chocolate cake, the true celebration was watching them laugh over certain memories and then have them share with us more stories.

This truly was a gift that will keep on giving.


Cheltz said...

What a great gift!

Bob said...

Very nice.

Bob said...

Very nice.

Jensamom23 said...

You helped make it special, Bob!