Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Senior Memories

Shaggy has been working on his Senior Memory book in English for the last semester.  
There was a topic given for each chapter. 
Once the chapters were written, photos had to be included. 
 I found his choices of pictures to include, fascinating.  
It gave me insight to what he valued and remembered most in his first 18 years of life. 
Our kids have been very fortunate in the travels that they have been on.  
We wanted to expose all three of our kids to the world.  
The much larger world than our own backyard. 
 We have been able to do that  and the shots he chose echo that fact.
Sammy and Romaine 2010

Washington DC 2008
Malta - 2010
Nice - 2010
Washington Monument 2008
New York City - 2008
Corsica - 2010
Monte Carlo Casino 2010
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Returning from Pisa 2010
Tunisia - 2010

There were sports memories...

Catching the first pitch of the Little League Season from his father

He wrote about his life as an adorable, sweet little boy (my words...I am sure not his)

There was a topic that included people you miss or wish you could see again.....
Avo with Shaggy(left) and Cousin D on the right.
Avo and Shaggy

Friends and family.....

State FFA Degree with Chris B...childhood friend
Shaggy and his Grandma...Baba
The cousins
Lollipop Pop's Birthday Party...Shaggy is in the hat
Easter 2005
School over the years...

County Science Fair Winner....alternate to State 2008/09?
FFA Scholarship 2013
Scholastic Medal Winners 2013
Scholastic Medal Awards 2012

The High School Years...

Just plain fun and funny stuff...

His home...

And us...

I loved this project...even with all the scraps of paper, glue sticks, scraps of paper, scissors and scraps of paper everywhere.  
Getting a glimpse into my teenage son's mind is priceless.

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Cheltz said...

I've been everywhere Shaggy included except Tunisia and -- Disneyland, if you can believe it. He certainly was a cute little boy, wasn't he? This book looks like another treasure!