Friday, May 31, 2013

Graduation X 4

I vividly remember the day I took Shaggy to his first day of kindergarten.  
He LOVED it!  
He went off and made new friends with hardly a look back.  
He loved everything about his day.  
Day number 2...3...4...and 5 were not so much fun.
He cried.
He held on to me.
He would not let go.
He begged me to let him come home.
His teacher had to physically pull him from me in the hallway.
As I walked down the hallway after one of the tear filled mornings holding Lollipop Pop's hand, she looked up at me with her beautiful 3 year old eye and said,
 "It's okay, Mommy...Mrs. Taylor will take care of him."
I cried.
Mrs. Taylor did indeed take care of him very well and by week number two, Shaggy was right as rain.
Last week, we watched this young man walk into the stadium decked out in gold.
We watched his friends walk in. 
 Some very animated, showing their personalities..
(This is the one who benefited from my winning LLU's BootCamp last year)

Some were poised and elegant...remember these two?
The Colors were presented and the Choral Choir sand our National Anthem beautifully.

We listened to some great speeches. 
 There was laughter and poignant memories.  
There was gratefulness for the teachers these young men and women have had.
The students were asked to applaud and thank their parents for our work, love and dedication to them.
Our son looked up to us at this moment and presented us with the "I Love You" hand sign.  
I touched my heart and cried...Lollipop Pop laughed at me. 
 She had been waiting for the tears from me and shared the fact that they had arrived with those around her.  
I did not care.  
Shaggy had raised his arm and told us that he loved us. 
Nothing else mattered.

After the diploma's were presented and received, the reality began to sink in that this was done.  
We had completed this portion of our job as parents.  
We now are the parents of an 18 year old high school graduate.

The class was asked to move their tassels to the other side of their caps...Shaggy looked up at us and told us again, that he loved us.
I cried again.
Lollipop Pop laughed.
Life is good.

Making our way slowly to the area where the graduates were waiting was worth all the hugs and excitement that awaited us.
Shaggy and Hun

My brother in law and sister

Our kidnicks

Our kidniks and niece

We will always be parents and Shaggy will always be our son, but our duties have changed...we will learn how to navigate this path as we go along, I am sure.
This is something that I have done to my kids since they were knee high to a touched me beyond measure that it means as much to our son as it does to me.

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