Friday, May 24, 2013

Grad Part Deux

Shaggy's graduation on Wednesday was so nice...the weather was chilly, but compared to the previous day's 97 degrees, I was a happy camper.
  After the ceremony, it was a bit nuts to work our way back to where the grads were hanging out. 
 As I made my way through the gate, I saw my 6'2" son walking and scanning the crowd for his family. 
 I then received the biggest hug from him. 
My heart swelled and tears flowed.  

Shaggy with his Godfather, my brother in law and dearest friend
There was a set of flood lights set up on a little knoll where we...and everyone else congregated for pics.  
 My wonderful sister sent these to me last night...I have yet to sort through mine...not sure what is holding me back. 

Shaggy and his Grandma...Hun
These are treasures and the knowledge that the pride I feel for my son is shared by others in his life makes me a very lucky Mom.
Shaggy and his Grandpa, Pepe

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