Friday, May 17, 2013

Fair #2

I spent yesterday morning babysitting the Indoor Exhibits at our local fair. 
 This is the building that houses the 4-H and FFA projects.
  Babysitting this building simply means keeping people from touching things like the cakes to see what they are made of...and asking little children to not climb under the ropes to pick things up and then giving the oblivious parents the stink eye.  
Actually, there was only one stink eye given.  
The rest of the time was spent people watching. 
 I adore people watching.
As I wandered the room, I was so thankful for being in a town that still values the basics.  
Our FFA and 4-H clubs are active.  
There is a lot that I would like to change in our local schools, but in the long run, they do a lot correctly as well. 
We still have awesome music and art programs.

Shotgun Wedding
We still have agriculture, woodworking and welding classes in our high schools. 
Horticulture is valued.
These trades are important in the real world.  
Not everyone is cut out to attend college or work in an office
Cooking and and sewing are skills that need to be passed on to our children.

Active clubs help keep these things alive as well.

FFA from one high school demonstrates knowledge of electrical circuitry.
  Another shows skills in knot tying.
  (Obviously MY photography skills could used some work!)

Fun things like cake decorating open kids' minds to their creative side.  
Besides, being able to make a great birthday cake for your child is an awesome skill...

The same young lady made this last year

So as our local fair,
(which is completely funded by the private sector...NO government money AT ALL)
winds down this weekend, I celebrate and thank all of the teachers, parents and mentors that pour their hearts, knowledge, time and money into the youth of our community.
These adults know the future is in our youth and take their jobs of preparing them for the world very seriously.


Michelle said...

Interesting cakes and that shotgun wedding photo is quite clever.

Cheltz said...

Wow! Look at those cakes! I never learned cake decorating either ...

Anonymous said...

All of that looks like so much fun!