Monday, May 6, 2013

Am I Ready?

Sugar Plum Fairy participated in her school track meet on Friday.  
The kidnicks... kindergarten - 3rd grade compete in a variety of events...the running long jump...

...the Frisbee throw...

...and high jump are just a few.  

The upper grade students help run each event and there were several who were having way too much fun.  
The weather was not too hot and it is always a fun day to watch kidnicks.  
I had a parent ask me if I was ready for the upcoming field trip. 
(There is a day long trip this week for Sugar Plum Fairy's grade.  This field trip is  one that kids look forward to from the time they enter kindergarten.  Parents' names have to be drawn in order to stuff) 
Anyway, when I was asked if I was ready, I thought, "Heck, I haven't even gotten that far yet!"  
After the track meet, I went home and baked two cakes, an apple crisp and a pie.  

These desserts were then taken back to the school for an event yesterday.
The girls and I spent 5 hours working at the school's annual spring dinner.  

 It involves serving, clearing and resetting tables as well as visiting with members of our community.  This is a small country school celebrating its 150th year.  
The chicken dinner has been going on every May for more than 50 years.  
The man in charge is a WWII Veteran and I like to help him.
Many of the people who attend the dinner are former students, now in their 70's and 80's.  
It is a lot of work, the cafeteria has no AC and I always complain going in. 
 I always leave however, happy that I went and proud that we still host such a tradition.  
This week are Shaggy's final two baseball games...ever. 
 Scholarship night...
4-H and getting ready for the fair.  
So, when I was asked if I was ready for the field trip...
Nope...I think I will just wing it the night before.

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Cheltz said...

Busy, busy! That track meet looks fun!