Thursday, May 2, 2013

Advice Needed, Please

Shaggy will be graduating from high school in less than a month.  
I am conflicted regarding the announcements and would like your input.  
I know this is a big deal, but in reality, he didn't have a choice in the matter.
Each graduate is allowed 15 tickets for the ceremony.  
That is used up by our immediate family.
The announcements are just that...announcing that he is graduating. 
 They give all of the information regarding time, date, location and the fact that entrance is by ticket only.
On one hand, I want everyone in the world to know...on the other hand, it seems like a blatant attempt at receiving a gift.

What do you think?


Rebecca said...

I personally think it is fun to get graduation announcements, especially if you include a picture!

Chris Camarena said...

I think send them. Let the people that have loved and watched this boy grow into the wonderful young man he is today celebrate his success in their own way. Gift or no gift it is just nice to know someone you care so deeply about is beginning a new journey and he wanted us to know he cared.

mari said...

I agree with Chris: TELL THE WORLD and invite all to share his day and celebration in their own way. I know I will.

Cheltz said...

I agree with everyone else -- send them!