Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Slider Tutorial

I made sliders for Lollipop Pop's birthday last month and my nephew very nearly drooled over them and the sauce I made. 
 His Mom and I tried to explain to him that seasoning plain ground beef and forming it into shapes would would give him the same results. 
 He looked doubtful.
D is a freshman in college, lives in an apartment and has begun experimenting with cooking for the first time. 
 Recently, Shaggy had to take a test and spent the night at his cousin's place so I sent a batch of sliders along for them to BBQ. 
 Two pounds of ground beef + 2 packages of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls...gone in one sitting.

So, D you CAN make these.
(Sugar Plum Fairy used to call her cousin "D" and her brother "Dye" idea why, but baseball games were fun to listen to..."Go D!"..."Great catch, Dye!")
I promise you can and I have never led you astray.
 I thought a tutorial for new cooks might be here it goes.

Step one...this is a bulb of garlic. 
 It is found next to the onions.  
Pry a bit of it apart with your hands until you have successfully separated two of these...these are cloves of garlic. 
 You can smash each of these with the heel of your hand.
The paper covering will peel off.  
Chop two cloves of garlic until very fine...I will get you a tool called a garlic press this summer...every kitchen must have one.
Now, D, you take two packages of Baba's hamburger and let it thaw. 
(My in-laws have always purchased their ground beef from a local locker service.  It is pre-formed into 1/4 pound patties, frozen and wrapped into 1 pound packages.  My mother in law is called Baba...hence, Baba's hamburger) 
For anyone without access to Baba's hamburger, go to the store and purchase two pounds of lean ground beef.  
I have not tried this recipe with turkey yet, but it is on my To Do list.
Put in a bowl.
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon thyme 
(that is the green in the picture.  It is an herb.  Go to the grocery store and find the ethnic aisle...around these parts, it is in the Hispanic food area or near the produce section....there is usually a large rack with plastic bags...these herbs are MUCH less expensive than the jars in the spice aisle...good tip for poor college students)
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 tablespoon of Dijon Mustard 
(poor college students could also use regular mustard or the yummy chipotle mustard that said poor college student's aunt sent to him)
Now, take a deep breathe, wash your hands and smoosh everything up together.  
Make sure everything is incorporated well.
Ta Da!!!!!
You now have seasoned, ground beef with which you can make a multitude of things.

I have a kitchen scale and weigh out 1.5 ounces of meat.  
Roll into balls.
Here is a visual of what that looks like with something you can relate too.

At this point, you can freeze in this shape and have meatballs ready in a flash. 
Bake, thawed, 350* for 30 minutes...
Stick in a pan with marinara sauce and Voila, done.
(Freeze like this on a tray until hard.  Then place in a zip-lock bag and store in the freezer.  They will stay separate from each other this way)
For sliders, take a ball and flatten sides with your fingers.
Press down on each and you have sliders!  You can freeze these just like the meatballs.

Now, the sauce that you drooled over, D.  
This is truly something that you will have to perfect by trial and error. 
 I don't measure. 
I go by color...but for you, I did measure the mayo so you can get a visual on the other amounts...sort of.
This is 1/4 cup of mayo...I use the light.
Add a largish spoon of sweet pickle relish
a largish squirt of ketchup 
and a medium squirt of chipotle mustard.
Mix well...adding a touch more ketchup or mustard to get the right color. 
Store in a jar or covered container.  
It will last a long time in the fridge.
My family likes the sliders on Hawaiian Sweet rolls, but any bun would work. 
 Wrapping the meat into a large, lettuce leaf works for a great low carb version as well.
Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Michelle said...

We are big fans of those rolls as well! Good looking sliders!