Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Random Rambling

This post is going to be random and rambling, I fear.  
I have so much rolling around in my head.  
This week, as well as last week has been full of lasts...the last time I made breakfast for Shaggy before school.
He took his Senior Finals last Thursday. 
High School is over for him.
Graduation is tomorrow night.
I have been making a breakfast for this young man virtually every  school morning for 13 years.  
THAT I loved.  
Making school LUNCHES...not so much
 Sunday, Sugar Plum Fairy and I got up and went blueberry picking. 

 The morning was cool and fantastic and pretty close to perfection. 
This has become a tradition for the two of us and one that we both look forward too.
 Yesterday, I cleaned and sorted through our bounty.  
Most are being frozen (I freeze them on sheet tray until solid and then transfer to freezer bags) 
This gives us little nuggets of spring all year long.

The Senior Parents put on a brunch for their kidnicks between finals and graduation. 
 We set up the cafeteria on Sunday  and hosted the brunch yesterday with a theme "Stars of Today and Tomorrow".  
The kids entered on a red carpet and had a decent breakfast.

Entrance,,,phone pic..camera on desk at home..brilliant!
  Of the 379 graduating Seniors, we had nearly 340 in attendance.  
What a great group of kids.  
Each student had their name placed in a bucket and was awarded a door prize...we  collected gift cards and stores donated lots of items.  
Every student in attendance went home with a little something.  
There was even a corner that we set up as a photo booth. 
Photo Booth corner...another phone pic.
 Mostly they hung out for a couple hours, visited with each other and signed yearbooks. 
 I think it dawned on them that this would be the last time.
 After brunch, the seniors had their meeting. 
 They received any honor cords as well as their tickets for the ceremony.  
With the tickets came the photos from their Cumulative folders.  

Seeing the progression of one's child from kindergarten to 8th grade in one spot is startling. 
How has this time passed so quickly?
 I remember each picture... I remember how in the 3rd grade, he chose a shirt to wear that was not plaid.  
I remember the shirt he wore in his 6th and 7th grade pictures...
The hair....all of it.

I received a text from my son yesterday afternoon asking if we wanted to attend the Baccalaureate with him.  
When I was in high school, this service was held in an auditorium and included the two high schools. 
I do not remember parents being there but I might be wrong.
There were pastors and priests and ministers from many of our town's churches.  
Things have changed a bit in the past 30 years, I suppose.
The service was held at our church and included Seniors from our parish. 
 Most of them were in the youth group as well, but not all.  
The seniors walked into the church single file and sat together. 

 At the end, Father asked them to form a semi circle.  
Music was played, Moms cried.  
Father blessed each of these young men and women..Moms cried.

After a photo session, the seniors were treated to nice dinner together.  

While this was not what I expected, it was one of the more meaningful and special services I have been a part of. 
 The fact that our son asked us to go with him made it even more so.

Stay tuned in the next few days for more rambling and sentimental jibberish... fair warning!


Michelle said...

Congrats to your son and how wonderful that he wanted you to be part of the service.

Cheltz said...

379??? That is tiny! Love the service, the blueberries, etc. Sounds like an exciting time :).