Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Day Treasure

 Sugar Plum Fairy presented me with a wonderful book for Mother's Day! 

The cover has a photo of her holding a poster that says, 
" My favorite thing to do with my mom is to read with her".

Inside are pages topped with a question.   
Each child in the class answered the question in their own words. 
 The answers were then typed and given back to the students.  
Each child was then asked to cut the answers out and glue onto the correct pages in any manner they liked.
Some answers were sweet....
"My mom taught me to ride a bike"
"To catch a baseball"
Some made one stop and draw a mental picture to get the meaning...
"I learned that you shall not make anyone mad when they did not do anything to you"

Some answers were very matter of fact...
"She gave birth to me"
"Because she's my mom and I was born from her stomach"

This question had some of the funniest responses.
"Clean the house when it's a mess"
"She is perfect because she cleans my room"
"She could take us to the park"
"She will have to change her hair" X 2 kidnicks
"Her make-up" X 3 kidnicks
There were also numerous kidnicks that said, "My mom is already perfect"  Ahhhhhh.......

"Because she wanted to have me and my sister and she liked my dad"
"She wanted grandchildren when she will be old"

According to this group of 2nd graders, mother were made so that they could love, protect, help and have fun with their kidnicks.  
Oh, and of course "so dads can have a wife" and "to  make babies".

I think there may be some stories being told to children....
"She was good. She never got in trouble. She was cute when she was a little girl"
"She was sweet and precious"
"I think she was a great girl. She listened to her mom and dad and did not fight with her brother or sister"

Some started out sweet and then made you pause and wonder...
"My mom liked to play when she was little.  She played babies with her friends and made fire go up."

There was a page that asked, "What does your mom do in her spare time?"
Out of 21 responses,  more than half included watching t.v., play on the computer or I-Pad.
One lucky mom relaxes on the sofa while "we massage her".

Sugar Plum Fairy's answers choked me up on more than one occasion.
"So kids have someone to help them"
"I think my mom was a kind little girl when she was little"
"I think no other mom would respect me like she does"
"Nothing, she already is"
"I think she thought she would be good at it and she is"

I WILL be bringing this book out in a few years when she is a teenager and thinks I am rotten to the core and can do no right!  
What a wonderful treasure this is.

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Cheltz said...

That is a fun book! I like that you got all the kids' answers, and some of the questions were really fun. In my experience, kids think you were perfect as a kid, and never did anything wrong unless you tell them otherwise. At that age, they think you knew everything then just like you do now.