Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Baseball Ending

Last night marked the end of Shaggy's high school baseball career...the awards dinner.  
There are 5 Seniors on this Varsity team. 
 Shaggy has been playing baseball since he was 6ish....City League followed by Little League and Babe Ruth before high school ball.
In fact, these boys have played baseball together since those early days.

 Over those many years, we have worked in concession stands, coached, managed, team parented, fund name it...we did it.  
As the season came to an end, the senior parents were honored at the last home game several weeks ago. 
My son drove to his grandparents' house after practice when he learned of this and asked them to come and be honored alongside us. 
 My heart swelled.  
The final game of the season is always against our cross town rivals. 
Our boys had lost the first meeting earlier in the season.  
This one was different.

 A very nice way to end umpteen years of baseball.

 Shaggy has some fantastic Coaches who speak highly of him and he has a connection with. 

 Friends on this team are varied. some he met in high school and others, like this one, was a best friend in kindergarten. 
 They have all come such a long way and I am proud of the men they have become.
I can not for the life of me get this correct. This made me laugh when Shaggy got on his knees.  T
Last night's awards also is the the night that a very special scholarship is awarded. 
 I have spoken here and here of the friend and former team-mate who was killed in a car accident last year on his way to watch these boys play.  
These 5 seniors are the last of the boys who actually played ball with Tyler in high school. 
Tyler's parents will be awarding a scholarship to one senior player each year in Tyler's name.  
As Greg spoke, his love and pride for these boys is abundantly evident...he coached some when they were little...he has watched them grow up. 
He truly loves each of them as his own.  
He and his wife had already decided on who the recipient would be when that young man arrived at the dinner wearing "goofy red shoes". 

 Tyler wore "goofy red shoes".  
A sign from above? 
You betcha!
 I will miss these times. 


Country Gal said...

Made me cry.

Country Gal said...

Made me cry.

Country Gal said...

Made me cry - actually all the graduation ones did. So hard to see them grow up - but so very wonderful. Bittersweet.Looks like you raised a son to be proud of! Congrats momma - you did it!

Cheltz said...

That is a lot of years of baseball! I'm sure that you all can't believe it's over!