Monday, April 29, 2013

The Spring Rush

The whirlwind continues.
 After the party marathon (here and here) last weekend, this week included two baseball games (thankfully both at a loss and one a from behind win with Shaggy contributing a couple doubles and stuff to watch)
Lollipop Pop's band concert,  
a 4-H meeting in order to finish making a banner for the upcoming fair (I will post photos after the judging...think I have a couple people from other clubs who read this and I don't want to give any secrets away!  
Maybe a tad) ,
and the High School Baseball Fundraising Dinner last night. 
In addition, all the accompanying practices and set up to make these things possible,  just reminded us that it is a normal spring around these parts.
Hubby was able to take our youngest kidnick downtown for meandering through many booths set up for our town's annual Iris Festival.  
She came home raving about white chocolate covered strawberries sprinkled with crushed Oreos on a skewer. 

I helped transfer Silent Auction items from one place to another and helped a lot of great parents set up the hall for dinner.
 I then shuttled teenage girls to one birthday party and then to another. 
 It was a massive driving day...
Seriously 51 miles in the day...all in town.
I met Sugar Plum Fairy and her Daddy down the street at the Iris Farm.  
She proudly showed me the varieties that they had ordered.  
It is a sad shame that this was the last time.


 Sunday, Hubby took Sugar Plum Fairy to the local rodeo as well.
 She has been talking about it since last year's visit.  
She came home dirty, sweaty and full of stories.
The end to a perfect weekend.

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Melinda said...

51 miles in one day - in town? Wowser! Hang in there! This too shall pass...