Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Stuff

Things around here are moving along and I am trying to hang on for the ride.  
Spring has definitely sprung.  
The birdhouses that Sugar Plum Fairy and I painted have been installed along the fence line and the maple trees are ready to burst into full leaf.  
I adore these trees!

The petunias and pansies are smiling their faces upward...

...and the roses are gorgeous...aphid and all....

The irises are getting ready to explode!  
With the temps in the 80's this weekend, I have hope they will all be open for the two parties we have here next weekend.

I probably should locate St. Francis' head as well.....

The lavender plants are doing their that they are so pretty with no effort.  
That is my kind of gardening.
The hydrangeas are leafing out and if I remember to water and feed them, they will be pretty, too!

I DID remember to plant basil this year...can not believe I forgot that necessity last year and the strawberries are strawberrying....

  The garden bed it ready to be filled with soil...hopefully that is on tomorrow's list. 

Today... pressure washing the pool in order to paint on Monday.
Anyone want to help?


Sarah Schwall said...

Can't help with the pressure washing - sorry!! But, your pictures are beautiful!!

Denice said...

I sure miss being able to see the stuff growing this time of year. Can't wait for my turn to get things started. Beautiful pics!!