Tuesday, April 16, 2013

His Presence

I began my day yesterday painting our pool and listening to the radio.  
My brain was going in 100 different directions...
...how much I appreciated my husband for preparing the pool for me to paint...
...the fact that this pool was dug out using a back hoe, some friends and a case of beer (at least this is the story we heard about the previous homeowner)and has not one even or smooth surface...
...how I hoped the paint I was stepping in would come off of my feet before Shaggy's Confirmation on Friday...
...how much stuff I have to accomplish this week.  

Then I heard about the attack in Boston.  
All of the mundane thoughts flew out of my brain.
How could this be?  
How horrific for those in attendance.  
I came into the house and turned on the news and texted my friend  in Massachusetts.  
She was okay.  
She was looking for friends.
 I felt helpless. 
I felt anger at the people who did this.  
I felt sorrow for the victims who were so profoundly injured and changed in an instant.
  I then saw all of the rescuers running into the chaos and I had hope.  
I knew God was there.  
  • Always a good reminder on a day like today.
    Later in the afternoon, I wondered how I would explain another attack on the innocent to Sugar Plum Fairy.  
    Part of me wanted to ignore it and not tell her.  
    Keep her safe and unaware.

    I knew I couldn't do that.  
    God provided me an answer.  
    Evil will enter our lives.  
    How we react and act is what counts.
    I explained to her the basics of what had happened. 
     I explained that while there are evil people in this world, there are many more good people.  
    Those people running to help yesterday are the heroes...placed there by God.  
    I shared with her my pride for being an American.
    She looked at me like, "Well, duh, Mom!"

As we spent the afternoon talking together, she took my camera. 

                              Somehow seeing the world through her eyes gives me hope as well.


Cheltz said...

Yes, those are almost the exact same thoughts I've been having as well :).

Anonymous said...

I cannot describe all of the emotions I felt when I heard...sad, mad.....
But as you say, there is hope and that I will embrace. And pray for all of those effected.