Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fundraising Season

Like so many of you, the spring is chock full of ...well...stuff.  
High school baseball is in high gear now. 
There have been 16 games already...10 more to go...first home game isn't until the end of next week. 
Kids and 4-H leaders are preparing for concerts are being practiced for.  
It also seems as though fundraising kicks into high gear.   
 In addition to the stuff to attend and prepare for, there are dinner tickets to purchase and/or sell and auction items to donate.  
It is expensive and exhausting. 
 It might help if my husband OR I could say, "Sorry, no"...but we can't.  
So we help, we buy, we donate.  
Our family dinners become a distant memory and that makes me sad. 
 As I was heading to a meeting last week I wondered just how many "things" we were involved in and committed to in April.

Band Golf Tourney last weekend...Hubby helped...I ignored.
FFA Award Banquet.  Shaggy's dinner is covered.  Hubby's and mine are not.
Fair Dinner...Husband is on the planning committee as well as a raffle ticket and dinner ticket seller.  We also donated, along with Hi Ho Silver Spoon, an auction item.

Band BBQ Chicken Dinner.  I bought tickets...sadly, the same night as Shaggy and Lollipop Pop's Honor Roll Awards.
Donating homemade cupcakes to Athletic Booster Bazaar
Annual Chicken Dinner at elementary school....I will make desserts...I might opt out of working and selling tickets...afraid  that news may not go over well.
Senior Brunch.  Helping plan and set up.  Also supposed to solicit prizes.  I will probably just donate some cash and let others solicit.
Baseball Dinner Fundraiser...Donating three baskets and buying our tickets
FFA Fundraising Dinner.  Purchasing tickets and donating auction item.
Are you in the same boat? 
 How do you say "No"?


Cheltz said...

No, we're not in the same boat :). Family dinners and our bedtime routines are something we rarely compromise on. (of course, our kids are younger) I am very good at saying no. Probably because my mom was. She guarded family time like it was sacred.

I know that it can be hard to do, though. I once took a life skills class, and they had a section on saying no, and doing roll plays. Maybe calling a family meeting to decide what you really want to do, and then some practice saying no together would be helpful?

Michelle said...

I say no, a lot. We participate in our kid's activities and make sure they arrive to everything on time, but we can only do so much.