Thursday, April 18, 2013

Controlled Chaos

I have been working toward this weekend for weeks. 
Two parties.
Organizing and cooking for two different themes and menus. 
A 4-H Fair in which I have to collect and deliver entries.
I also have to help clean up after all is said and done.
 My master list has been revamped...some things have just been done away with. 
I am at the point where I have daily things to do. 
The pool paint is curing to be filled tomorrow or Friday...
the gifts have been wrapped...
some of the food has been prepared. 
Lollipop Pop is turning 16 this weekend.
 I think I blinked.
I have been making pom poms for weeks in the car...a mindless activity during otherwise wasted time waiting for kidnicks at various activities.
I will post pics next week and show you what I did.

She has completed this year's entry in her Birthday Box
I LOVE this idea.

In other news, Shaggy has been guaranteed to be in dorms next year. 
I was worried. 
 The University has lot more freshman than they have dorm rooms for.
He and his Dad went to visit last weekend. 
They stayed for a baseball game. 
We are thrilled where he will be.
He has wanted to do what he will be able to do for years.
Our son's dreams are getting ready to come true. 
Makes this Mama's heart happy.


Cheltz said...

Congrats and good luck!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful things happening in your family!

Melinda said...

Deep breathe. You can do this! You have everything under control! :) Can't wait to hear the recap!