Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Milestone

Before my husband and I were married, we had to go through pre-marriage classes through the Catholic Church.  
He is Catholic.
 I am not.  
I remember meeting with Father and answering his questions regarding how we would raise any children we were blessed with.  
We both promised to raise our children in the Catholic Church.
  Although I did not truly recognize the magnitude of what that would mean, it was something I took very seriously.
 Shaggy was baptised when he was tiny...and screaming.
He then attended Catechism classes for three years, because I was very eager to do what I thought was correct and didn't know that he could not receive his First Holy Communion until he was in the 3rd grade.
Just one of the "first child" mistakes I made.
Shaggy just complete two years of classes to prepare him for his Confirmation.  Tonight, he will be Confirmed into the Catholic Church.  
As parents, I think we all second guess our decisions.  
Did we do what was best?  
Could we have done better?  
As I look back over the past 18 years of our son's life, I can honestly say that while I have made mistakes as his mother and am sure will continue to do so, guiding him in his faith is not one of them.
 We have shown him the path in life that will never fail him.
 The path that he can always count on to never lead him astray.
Am I proud of that?  
 Will I be crying tonight?
 We gave our son the gift of God.


Michelle said...

A wise choice.

Cheltz said...

A teen boy who honors God? Not as common today as it used to be. You are right to be very proud. Congratulations!!