Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Weekend Complete

Lollipop Pop's 16th Birthday last weekend was yet another millstone in our kidnick's lives.  
How did that happen so very quickly?
Surprising this girl is a challenge.  
Lollipop Pop and I had planned for a year to surprise her with balloons...apparently we have a thing for balloons on birthdays around here.
birthday both involved waking up to a room full of balloons. 
The plan was this.  
The initial challenges were... 
#1 Lollipop Pop and Sugar Plum Fairy share a room and if S.P.F. had to get up before her sister, the surprise would be foiled.
#2 Lollipop Pop and her brother were at a baseball game and wouldn't return home until late.
#3 The plastic garbage bags I had were not clear.
We remedied problem #1 by having S.P.F sleep in my bed...peachy.
Problem 2 was still a problem because I am not a night all.
Problem #3 was solved by cutting a length of the weed fabric I have waiting to go into the garden.

Once the kids got home and went to bed, began taping the fabric to the frame and filling it with the balloons.  
Not so pretty from the hallway, but would surprise Miss 16 year old in the morning.  
What I had not taken into consideration was the fact that while I am not a night owl, Lollipop Pop most definitely is.  
She was in her room reading and listening to my covert operation on the other side of her door.  
While she did not peek and wasn't completely surprised in the morning, she was greeted by balloons when she got up.
Gifts were open and appreciated before the festivities of the evening began.

The beef sliders and Pasta Salad will become regulars around here...yummy!
I painted to 4'X8' boards white and propped them against the patio wall.  
This allowed me to decorate behind the food table and not damage the stucco wall.  
Love it!

Pictures in pop pom bouquets adorned each table and blank canvases allowed guests to write a message for the birthday girl.
There was a lot of swimming, volleyball, eating, visiting and laughing...the perfect evening for our very special girl.

AND the weekend that I had been so stressed and worried about was gone in a flash and a success!


Cheltz said...

Darn those 16 year olds, and their ability to stay up late! So glad it was a roaring success, and that you survived :).

Denice said...

My has she grown. Looks like a good time.

MoriDawn said...

you are such an awesome thoughtful momma

MoriDawn said...

you are such an awesome thoughtful momma

Melinda said...

I loved your last line - I've lived it, too. All the worry and planning and then - poof - it's done. Looks like it was a lot of fun!