Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Peak

A quick peak from Thursday and Friday...
 Baseball in a neighboring town and then straight of the  to the year end FFA Banquet.
The seniors introduced their parents and presented them with a carnation. 
Might have teared up. 

I most definitely did when Shaggy was presented a scholarship.
It was made even more special when it was his Dad who did the honors, unbeknownst to my husband until that evening. 
4-H entries packaged, labeled and ready to be delivered to the fairgrounds for judging.
 Party #1 prep done...

Shaggy's favorite desserts for the festivities after a special evening.


 And yes, I cried.


Sarah Schwall said...

An eventful few days!!

The party straws are super cute and the dessert looks yummy!

Cheltz said...

Yay, Shaggy!!

Melinda said...

Whew! What a weekend! How cool that Shaggy got a scholarship - and his dad got to give it to him! :)