Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Busy Week

I mentioned earlier in the week that we seemed to be in the midst of fundraising season around here.  While it seems as though every time I turn around there are tickets to buy or gifts to donate, much of this time of year is spent honoring our kidnicks.  
This week, we watched our son be honored at the FFA Sectional Banquet.  
If you ever want to see a roomful of respectful, polite and driven teenagers, you must attend an FFA function.  
Seriously proud of these young men and women.

We spent another evening  in my old high school gym honoring the students who earned  either a gold, silver or bronze medal for Honor Roll.  
The ONLY picture I took that is remotely decent is of my niece. 
Between my niece, nephew, son and daughter we have all the medal colors covered. 
 Very proud of them all.
I had been asked to make cupcake for an Athletic Booster fundraiser today.  
Sugar Plum Fairy helped me prepare them yesterday before school.

I did have a slight blowout  as I was stuffing the cupcakes with frosting.  

 As busy as we get at this time of year, it would be easy to forget the purpose of our busy-ness.  
It is because of and for these kids.  
Much of our busy time is spent with them. 
Tasks that have to be done can include them.

Something as simple as letting an 8 year old help make cupcakes help put everything into perspective somehow.

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