Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Calm

I am feeling the calm before the storm around here.  I have a list on the desk that is seriously long and varied.  

My mind keeps travelling forward to all of the happenings in our lives that are going to occur in the next month.  
Shaggy's Confirmation and High School Graduation. 
Lollipop Pop's 16th birthday. 
A trip.  
It is all happening with in the span of exactly 54 days...  
I am not ready literally or figuratively.  
The list offers me some sense of control.  
It focuses my mind on what I can do physically in order to handle things emotionally.
I have piles of stuff  and it all has a place...just not in my house.  
The list will help remedy that. 
I have Easter baskets, candy and eggs in one corner of my family room that will be taken care of this week.  
The loot has all been donated from members in our 4-H club.  
Tomorrow, they will be assembled in my garage and then taken to the Battered Women's Shelter for the 22+ children there.  I am proud and sad at the same time. This pile also has the forms that I need to submit for my 4-H kids to the two upcoming fairs.

In the next month, we have 4 fundraising dinners/auctions in which we are donating baskets.  This weekend, I am hoping to organize this paraphernalia and deliver it to the proper people.
 It's on the list.

I just sent an E-Mail to someone who might be able to help me find homes for two dairy goats. 
I hope.

Shaggy and Lollipop Pop are out of school on "Spring Break" this week. 

 Easter is no longer politically correct in their school district and taking "Spring Break" when normal people are off messes with the schools ability to cram for the state tests....
sorry....not really...sorry, that is. 
 Don't ask how I REALLY feel.  
On the upside, I get to spend some time alone with the older kids.  
Love that. 
It's not on the list, but it should be.
I should also take down the snowflakes that are hanging in the living room.
It's time.


 I was glad to have some of these left when I had extra teens come over unexpectedly last night to watch Duck Dynasty.

 Also on the list is the laundry room....
I am not having fun.

I will sat that the first California strawberries of the year make the laundry room saga almost bearable.


Cheltz said...

Strawberries! Lucky you! And you'll get through all that other stuff ...

Melinda said...

Oh my. I can relate. Why does everything come in bunches like that?! And strawberries?! What a treat! Right now I'd be happy with a little green grass! :)

Anonymous said...

Strawberries?! Not ready over here yet, but soon. And I can't wait.
It's been super busy over here, too.
Spring vacation is happening over here this week and I have taken a couple of days off work to spend with my youngest. Now if he would just wake up. LoL
Sometimes I wonder if the schools spend too much time testing and not enough time teaching. ***sigh***