Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Saint Paddy's Day

Sugar Plum Fairy woke up yesterday morning to green milk in the fridge and green cupcakes on the counter.   
 I made waffles for her with the green milk.
She is easily pleased.

She and I have been reading this book and I had timed it to finish yesterday as well. 
Which we did.

In the back of the book was an activity to make a rainbow.  
I covered the bottom of a bowl with milk (whole or 2%). 
Sugar Plum Fairy then added 2 drops of red food coloring at 12:00 o'clock...
2 drops of yellow food coloring at 4:00o o'clock 
and 2 drops of blue at 8:00 o'clock.  

She did that perfectly.  
We then added a drop of liquid dish washing soap to the center.  
The soap pushed its was outward in the milk and eventually created swirls. 
 What a fun teaching tool too!  Loved it!

My husband worked hard and got our garden almost ready to plant!  
We have been enjoying 80* temps but they promise a 20* drop this week.
What to do...what to do.
How did you spend your day? 


Cheltz said...

My kids were so excited for green food last year, and then wouldn't eat it! We just kept the green to the clothes this year.

Michelle said...

You are such a creative mom!

Melinda said...

80? Seriously? We're happy to hit freezing today!