Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Brain

Random thoughts running through my head.

Sanding and painting laundry room cabinets is a challenge when people in the house continue to demand clean clothes.  
The doors are off of the large cabinet as well as the drawers. 
 I have put the first coat of primer on the cabinet...

Those doors and drawers will be painted tomorrow. 
Plastic is covering the door less cabinets with the hope that the dust stays out of my clean towels.

We are supposed to break records for high temps tomorrow and Thursday.  
In the 80's.  
It will be nice to paint in, but I am hoping that it is not an indicator for an early and hot summer.

I have not started my garden yet.

Shaggy's baseball season is well underway.  
26 Games....5 are at home.  
I'[m working on a project for a raffle prize...not going very well.

I have three children...
Spring break is next week for two of them.  
Easter break is the following week for the other.   
 I get to make breakfasts and lunches just like always.

I have to take Smokey back to the vet tomorrow, hopefully for the final check up.  
The last time was to staple where the sutures had come out.  
She DOES NOT like going to the vet anymore.
 She is heavy to lift into the car.

Spring is sooo busy and it isn't even officially here yet!

I miss family dinners.

That's all...

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Michelle said...

Spring starts the "crazy life" at my house as well. Sports, practice, school, etc... The schedule is full! We can pray for each other :)