Monday, March 25, 2013

Laundry Room Peek

I have finally completed stage one of the laundry room makeover.  
I have no idea how many stages there will be, but this one scared me the most.  
I adore the paint I goes on easily and as the man at the store told me, I brushed it on and didn't mess with it. 
He said to let the paint do its magic.  
I did and it did.
Drilling a hole into a freshly painted drawer and door is scary as well... 
I measured...
remeasured and 

At this point, I was giddy!  
Seriously, I adore the drawers...the paint and the knobs.  

Putting the two cabinet doors back up with new hinges and knobs was another story.
These doors are 50 inches tall and go nearly to the ceiling.
The only other person in the house was Sugar Plum Fairy and the poor thing kept having to find the silver screws I was dropping onto the gray floor.  Finally, I was in tears and sent her outside as not to witness my meltdown.  
They took me 4 hours to get up and adjusted kind of right.
Yup...kind of.  
(Right now, my Mom is saying, Why didn't you call your Dad to come and help?"  My answer...I have no idea.)

 I have some touch ups to make in the cabinet where the blasted drill slipped off the screw while I was balancing precariously of the step ladder. 
Not pretty. 
 What IS pretty, is what I have done so far.  
I have my antique irons from my Mom on display as well as my vintage hangers.  

I reorganized all the cabinets and love how they hold things now.  I will tackle the upper cabinets soon...but I am not going to worry too much.  I
 really am amazed how open everything looks and bigger, I think.  
I am in love!


Cheltz said...

Looking good!

Michelle said...

This all looks so good! And neat and clean! Not like my unorganized laundry room!

Melinda said...

Love, love, love how you displayed those vintage pieces!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!
I have plans for my laundry room, kitchen, bathrooms.....
Oh boy, I think I'm planning a little too much.