Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday's Lessons Learned

Yesterday was a day that nearly threw me for a loop. 
Do you ever have those days?  
Filled to the brim with places to go and things to do?  
I must say that looking back on it, I did well and all of my children are where they are supposed to be.  That is a success, I think.
A dear friend lost her Mom this week and the funeral was yesterday morning.  
I knew that I would not have time for my walk unless I went before the service. 
 On this walk, I ran into my neighbor (almost literally as I was chugging along with my head down, headphones on and mind elsewhere as he was driving on our lane toward me.)  I didn't see him until he was a few feet from me and scared the bejeebers out of me! 
Anyway, as he told me I was skinny and asked if I was done losing weight, I learned my first lesson.  As he drove away, he called back, "Men don't like skinny women."
 I learned that compliments can come in many forms...I think.
I adore these walking shoes, but they collect rocks and when I forget to take them in the garage, the rocks are deposited into the carpet and feel especially harsh on bare feet.

I also learned  that 5 teenage girls and the paraphernalia that they pack for two nights at the beach WILL fit in my car...but not without exploding from said car when the back door is opened...their paraphernalia, not the girls. 
I wish I had taken a photo...seriously funny. I was transporting them to my sister in law who is treating them to a fun weekend away. 
 I also learned that her van is larger than my car.

Last week, I purchased two Tri-Tip dinner tickets from one of Lollipop Pop's friends for a fundraiser.  I only bought two because the dinner was on Friday during Lent and my family does not eat meat then.  
Since I wanted to support the cause, I told my parents I would bring dinner to them last night.  Another lesson learned...READ the ticket...more than order to process the information listed.  
The dinner is NEXT week...on THURSDAY. 
This lesson was learned while I was sitting at the stoplight across from where the dinner was supposed to be.

I learned that while 5 teenagers and their stuff is a tight squeeze in my car, 27 Easter baskets fit nicely. 
 I also learned that 4 adults and 8 kids can fill plastic eggs with candy and  load 27 baskets with toys, pencils, candy eggs and attach a card in the span of 45 minutes. 
I might have been rushing in order to go pick up the tri-tip dinner.

  I also was reminded how truly blessed my children are to not be in a Women's Shelter where Easter baskets from strangers would brighten their lives and at the same time knowing that our baskets WILL brighten a child's day and make them smile.

I learned that I am going to be a Great Aunt to twins! 

I learned that after being a stay at home mom for many years and not wearing heels all day long very often is not fun anymore.  
I also learned that wearing your husband's Crocs with nylons and a knee length black dress while filling Easter baskets makes a fashion statement...not necessarily a good one.

Boy, did I sleep well last night!


Michelle said...

Whew! That made me tired just reading about your adventures!

Melinda said...

Laughing out loud! I can totally relate! And bless you for doing the Easter baskets - what an amazing thing to share with those kids!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!
Laughing at our "lessons" is a necessity to survive them.
That and a good night's sleep. LoL