Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gratitide on a Wednesday

We all have the power to change the way we think about things.  
There is almost always something to be grateful for. 
Not always, I understand, but most of the time.  
It is all in the way we look at things.  
Looking at the positive and expressing gratitude has great power.  
It truly can change your entire day.  
Instead of dwelling in the negative, celebrate the positive.  
I live in the same town I have lived in since I was in the 5th grade (aside from a short time in Southern California to become a travel agent and an even shorter time trying to prove to myself and everyone else that I was a grownup and knew what I was doing).  This town has grown tremendously in the past, dare I admit, decades.  
There  are a lot of things that I am not happy with and saddened by, but at the core, there are still wonderful things that I am grateful for. 
 I love that I can go to the same family owned grocery store that my Mom shopped in when I was a child.  
Mr. Wong opened the store in 1952 I can still walk into the produce section and see him, now in his upper 80's, stocking fresh veggies and fruit. 

 He always greets me, as well as many other patrons.  
He will share special items that he has that day...maybe fresh, local kiwi or corn on the cob. 
He also is very good about obtaining produce as close to the source as possible. 
Very grateful for him and his wares.

I am grateful that the elementary school Sugar Plum Fairy attends, still believes in the core, moral values that make families strong.   
I am grateful that she has developed a love for books. 
She laughs out loud in the midst of a chapter and shares what she has read. 
So grateful.

I am grateful for the high school band that Lollipop Pop is in...I am a sucker for traditions...and the man who began them and the man who continues them.

I am grateful to have a veterinarian who, when I call because Smokey had had a number done on her by coyotes, said "bring her in". 
Who, when I arrived, stopped what he was doing to take care of her.  
No problem.  (She is home now and will be fine).

 I am grateful for my Mom and her friend who, when I mentioned the attack, sent detailed information regarding our dilemma.  
Pros, cons and personal thoughts. 
Very grateful.

I am grateful that I have been asked, and that I accepted, to be a Coach in Training with LLU's Lifestyle 180 program.  
I pray that I can help someone realize how good healthy feels.
I am grateful that the first 3 short sleeve shirts Sugar Plum Fairy tried on for school this morning were too small.  
I am grateful for short sleeve weather AND the fact that our daughter is growing and healthy.

I am grateful for a jar of homemade sun-dried maters that was discovered when I cleaned the freezer!  I had been sad when I thought I was out. 
It allows me to make this for breakfast.  
Seriously yummy.
I am grateful for people in my life who are thoughtful and kind.

 I am grateful that the sun is shining and I am able to go for a walk...


mari said...

And I am grateful for you sharing your life with me on this blog. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Cheltz said...

Are you trying to make us all jealous?! ;). No, we ALL have things to be grateful for. Enjoy your warm weather, your town and your family!

WMC said...

And I'm grateful that I am fortunate to have crossed paths with such an awesome lady!

Your fellow CIT Wanda :-)

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Noticed your comment on LMM's blog. Seems we have a similar way of thinking! Just took a peek around your blog. You have a lovely family. You also have transformed yourself! You are beautiful! I have been home for 8 weeks after surgery, and I have gained 10 pounds and wish I could shake it off fast! Glad to have found you.

Melinda said...

We have so much to be thankful for! I needn't that reminder today!