Saturday, February 9, 2013

Basketball and Tradition

 Lollipop Pop's (33) JV basketball season is winding down...only two more games, sadly.  
My niece (10) plays on the team as well.

Last week was our final home game and it is tradition to honor special people before the game begins.  Each player's name and the name of the honorees are announced as the girls present a flower to them.  Most present the flower to their parents, but our daughter and niece chose their grandparents.  
THAT is itself honors us as parents. 
I took into consideration the lighting, but not the movement in these pics...sorry.  

It has been a good year...bring on baseball!


Cheltz said...

From these pictures #10 and #33 look exactly the same!

Anonymous said...

Love that tradition!
Wish they would do something like that over here!!