Friday, February 8, 2013


No one correctly guessed what I taught the kidnicks to make on Wednesday!  
Yes, Mozzarella Cheese!
Here is the post I wrote last year when I made it for the first time.  
The kids loved this and had questions galore! 
I have the other half of them coming this evening and I am excited. 
I love inspiring kids!

When we moved to the country, I had definite ideas of what I wanted to do. Think along the lines of Caroline Ingalls. I wanted to raise chickens
and have fresh eggs. I wanted horses. I wanted to make my own butter
(not that I could not have done that in town nor did I use a churn, but it fits into my country dream nicely). Anyway, living here has been better than my dream and last weekend I checked off another piece...I made cheese! Creamy, white Mozzarella cheese! I can not believe how easy is was and I must say, had I not read what The Coupon Goddess, Melanie wrote, I would have put it off. The directions from her friend Rebecca's blog were simple, honest and straightforward.
You MUST try this...your life is not complete without this knowledge...AND it is super easy...truly! I used the source that Rebecca suggested to order the Rennet and Citric Acid. It cost just under $15.00 and I have enough to make cheese for many moons!
I was so nervous when I started...I had the recipe and instructions on the counter ready to refer to at any moment and refer, I did...a bunch!

I got my thermometer in the pot and added the is when I got very nervous and took no more pictures.

I was checking the temp...looking at the instructions...checking the temp...looking at the instructions...I did I mention I was nervous? Anyway, everything did what it was supposed to when it was supposed to do it and I ended up with a success. When I added the salt, it looked like too much so I removed a bit...shouldn't have. The amount in the recipe would have been perfect.
I made little (walnut size) balls from 1/2 the cheese and once cooled, put in a Mason jar with one of my Pesto Sauce "muffins" and covered with Olive Oil.

I rolled the other half of the cheese into a log and once cooled, wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap. Slicing pieces off as needed or wanted.

Caroline would be proud.  


Michelle said...

Cool! I have thought about making cheese....just haven't done it.

Cheltz said...

A mozzarella! Definitely on my bucket list to make this someday!

Anonymous said...

The citric acid gave it away. LoL
I've never made cheese before but I have studied it a bit.
One of these days I'll be trying it.
Sometimes it amazes me how much we have in common: homemade cheese, homemade butter, horses, gardening.......