Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Perfect Day

Today was a day pretty close to perfection.  
The weather was warm and sunny. 
 Hubby and Shaggy went to play golf with friends and the girls and I did our own things. 
Lollipop Pop watched movies and painted her nails as well as her sisters'. 
 I started a project for the laundry room,
...and finished my Lenten Mantle.
I made a double batch of Coopkeeper's Sausage for the freezer. 
 I can not run out of this stuff.  
It is that good!

Sweet potato chips for munching.
 Sugar Plum Fairy donned her bathing suit and played in the water.
I love taking pics before she knows I am watching.  
She sings.


I put this baby to good use...

The dogs enjoyed the weather as well.

I broke my hammock in while reading an awesome...and very

I remembered that I need to fix these chimes.  
They were my Grandma Jean's and need new dingy thingies. (Did you just laugh out loud, Mom?)

 The evening ended with yummy veggies on the best Christmas gift I never knew I needed or wanted...a cast iron grill pan. 
 Pure Awesomeness!
No school tomorrow....I am planning on much of the same.


Cheltz said...

Swimsuits in February ?!?

Michelle said...

I must admit that I am a bit envious that one is wearing a swimsuit! I cannot wait for warm weather! I hope you enjoyed your Monday!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you must definitely live in southern California! On Monday we still had snow on the ground here in SC where it seldom snows and rarely sticks to the ground when it does.
Swimsuits are not an option over here. Unless you are staying inside and then it's questionable.
Beautiful German Shepherds!
Glad you guys had a relaxing day off!!