Friday, January 4, 2013

Vacation Wrap Up

I made New Year's Day easy on me this year.
In the past, I have cooked and prepared a vast array of snacks and appetizers to munch on during the day while watching football.  
Last year's pictures have gone away, but the list of food I made was just...well...silly for just us.
This year, I made my French Toast Strata for breakfast to eat while watching the Rose Parade with Sparkling Cider.  I made a huge pot of Chili Beans and Cornbread for munching on through the day and those who desired had a baked potato bar for dinner, utilizing the chili if they liked.
Best of all, there were no leftovers for me to eat all week like last year!
The Christmas decor has all been stashed in storage again and I eliminated quite a bit that was not used.  
I donated most of the garland that I used to hang above every window in the house...yeah...
Does anyone else continue to discover Christmas stuff around the house AFTER most of it is stashed?
We do. 
 The girls have been working on a puzzle that is covering the dining table..
 ...and I updated my chalkboard wall. 

 Even the rosebush blessed us with a few last blooms before I pruned it.

Thank you notes are being sent.
School begins for all three kidnicks on Monday and I must say that I will miss having them home.

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