Monday, January 14, 2013

Organizing Memories

This weekend I was not committed to having to do anything.  
What a nice feeling. 
Since it was quite cold out for my neck of the woods, I decided to tackle a job that I have been putting off since we moved into this house...10 years ago.  
I have two 96 quart totes that were filled with things like diaries, awards, my senior pictures and books Shaggy and Lollipop Pop made when they were in kindergarten.  Another tub half that size is packed to the brim with photos.  
When our two older kidnicks were little, film cameras were what there was and what we had and I am not a scrap booking type....sadly.  
Saturday, I lugged all three totes from my closet to the family room and dug in with the football games on.
Now, going through photos is time consuming...the memories flood back and I got side tracked on more than one occasion.  
I had forgotten that when we were trying to potty train Shaggy, we let him run around the backyard and house in his birthday suit.  
I had forgotten how doting he was on Lollipop Pop. 
 I had forgotten that she let him dote.  
Part of the sentimentality is the realization than this time next year, Shaggy will be in college.  
In addition to things from my youth and my kidnicks' youth was this photo.  
This photo is of my mother in her youth. 
 I have no idea why I have it or how it came into my possession.  
I remember always loving it and am hoping that I didn't swipe it from her long ago and am now confessing my guilt.  
Am I, Mom?
Anyway, isn't she gorgeous?
I may never finish this job!


Cheltz said...

Great old picture of your Mom! I see the resemblance!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!
I know the feeling...I have been going through things a little at a time here, too. I pity my kids if I do never finish. LoL