Monday, January 7, 2013

My Skiing Adventure..All 15 Minutes....

 Well, my big, exciting mysterious adventure was  snow skiing.  
I know...not as exciting as sky diving or bungee jumping, but to me, it was huge.  
I have put skis on my feet one other time nearly 30 years ago...that experience had me falling on the rope tow and being drug because I was scared to let go. 
It had me with a nutso boyfriend (seriously) and his brother and sister. The sister had never skied before either, so we were left to our own devices.  
I remember laughing a lot with her at our ineptness and the brothers leaving to ski on their own...until they took us to the top of the mountain.  
Yeah...I exited the chair lift a second to soon and fell...chair lift stopped as I scrambled to get out of the way. 
Fast forward to Saturday. 
I fit into ski clothes and was jazzed!  
My husband was wonderful...very patient and kind. 
There is no rope tow anymore at this mountain...they have moving sidewalks that take people up two different beginning hills.  
Not sure if I have mentioned before that I have very poor balance.  
My girls make fun of me on escalators because they make me nervous. 
I stepped onto the moving sidewalk demon and wobbled but stayed upright...felt great going up but as I neared the top, I remembered not getting off the lift properly...and there is now a cute little boy and his Dad in front of me who I am afraid I will hit...
I told the lady at the exit point that I had never done this before...she stated, "lean forward and two other things(which I can't remember)...." 
Well, I thought I did until I was on my back, the man and his little boy were scooting over to the side out of my way.   
Next thing I know, the employee lady is grabbing me from behind, trying to lift me while I am trying to keep the skis from, well...skiing... 
She is saying, "A little help here". 
I was done. 
The insecurities I have had for so long came bursting forth and began running down my face.  
Hubby guided me down the bunny hill. 
I fell once and he showed me how to properly get up.  
I was still done.  
I got to the bottom, took my skis off and went to sit down.  The tears wouldn't stop and I was angry at myself.  As the day wore on, I was able to put my feelings in check and realized while I have lost the exterior weight, I do have some things to work on inside.  
I know what they are and will get there. 
For the foreseeable future though, I am more than happy to take my books and people watch while well balanced people fly down mountains. 
 Truly, I am. 


Cheltz said...

I've given up even trying to like skiing myself -- my mom and grandma are both currently better at it than I am :).

Denice said...

people watching is just as exciting...and safer :)

Ann said...

So glad you are all in one piece with no broken parts....there is a reason for everything. Besides, people watching is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what an experience. And honestly, I would have been right there with you....tears and all.
Here's to books and people watching!