Friday, January 11, 2013

Lollipop and a Repost

I am reposting this from nearly 3 years ago.  I received a message yesterday from Kevin's mom that his Dad had passed away. Sam as 92 years old and the passing was not unexpected.
I have been struck by how much this news stayed in the front of my brain.
I mean, I have not lived in his town for more than 35 years.
I would never have recognized Sam on the street.
I never spoke to him after I moved and prior to that, only a handful of words passed from my lips to him and yet he was on my mind constantly.
If not for this man, I never would have been Lollipop and I would not have had my best friend.

My girls decided they wanted to be referred to Sugar Plum Fairy and Lollipop Pop in this venture of mine.
Sugar Plum Fairy was no surprise because...well....she is going to be a fairy when she grows up...or a princess.
She is quite serious and I am enchanted by her dreams.
Anyway, Lollipop Pop was a choice that touched my heart and made me get all teary eyed.
You see, when I was a VERY little girl in a VERY small town, I had a boyfriend. Kevin was the one who held my hand and led me to a chair on the first day kindergarten when I was howling and grabbing my mom's skirt (it was bright blue with buttons down the front).
Kevin is the one who told me that we were going lasted from Kindergarten until the recess line in 4Th grade.
 Kevin was blond like me.
Kevin was funny.
Kevin was kind and my protector through elementary school.
Well, Kevin's Dad always called me Lollipop (Kevin was Doober). I
 have no idea why and have never thought of myself by any other name when I think back.
Kevin and I kept in touch through high school after my family moved away and sporadically for years after.
He was killed several years ago and I treasure those vivid, childhood memories. So when my daughter deemed herself Lollipop Pop, I knew Kevin will never truly be gone.

Lollipop and Doober...circa 1971ish


Michelle said...

So sorry for your loss.

Cheltz said...

This is a sweet story, and lollipop is a much better name than Doober -- Kevin got the short end of the stick!

Anonymous said... sad. But still so sweet. Their memory lives on.